Below are some questions that clients regularly ask us. Are they yours?

How can what I stand for, and offer customers, be communicated more powerfully and effectively? Your brand is a precious commodity. We will show you how its values can be communicated for maximum impact. This accessibility is vital in the information age. Distinctive, user-friendly and easily-navigable communications are noticed, understood and remembered. Those that are not are quickly overlooked or forgotten.

How can I build a consistent brand personality for my business and organisation and engage my customers and my people in it? Brand management locks in brand equity and inspires trust. We will help you ensure that literature systems, visual identity systems, product range design and cross-media communications benefit from consistent application of visual principles and scrupulous management of detail.

How can I align my people and communicate change initiatives that can be unsettling? Consistent visual communication helps bring clarity and simplicity to complex and demanding change projects. It optimises comprehension and minimises negatives.

How can I bring new thinking to life so that people ‘get it’? Visualisation surmounts language and territory, renders abstract concepts distinctive and brings ‘invisibles’ to life. Through visualisation we can help you make your corporate strategies, works-in-progress, investments, ideas and new services credible.

I don’t have the money or the people to do all this. With us, it’s never a question of ‘the more you spend, the better the design solution’. We will produce a sensible budget and timescale whatever your project, from a simple mailer to a new brand identity programme. Resources are rarely available in excess. We will work with what you’ve got to achieve the best possible outcome.

We don’t just make things look good – Alembic solves communications problems.

Everything we create is a response to a business issue. 

We handle projects of all sizes, from low budget communications for nonprofits to large international design programmes for public companies.

We manage this with a lean core team, augmented by additional trusted specialists as appropriate to project scope.