PPCS brochure 

Opening the door to PPCS

Sometimes the designer’s role is simply to provide the clarity reveal a good ‘story’. Psychiatric & Psychological Consultant Services (PPCS) was established in the 1980s, in a beautiful Georgian terrace near London’s Harley Street. The clinic has an excellent professional reputation, helping individuals and employees of corporate clients manage a wide range of mental health issues. However, it had been some time since the organization had invested in presentation and awareness of the quality of expertise available from PPCS was poorly understood.

Alembic revisited the brand elements and refocused visual communications. We changed the way PPCS specialists are presented and produced the above brochure to convey the quality of the organisation’s heritage and resources. A balance of heritage and modern clarity was achieved by restrained but clear typography combined with high quality digital printing on textured stock with embossed and ‘plate-sunk’ print finishing effects. Less than a year on, footfall to the clinic has already increased by 30%.




Cathay Pacific menus

Cathay Pacific in-flight menus

Our range of new in-flight menus for Cathay Pacific combines clear, modern typography with service icons and watercolour illustrations by artist David Holmes. Four classes of service, two wine lists, 20 cover variants, text in five languages and regular content adjustments are managed via a design scheme and tightly written production specification that allows Cathay Pacific to implement variations by route locally.




AVI annual reports

Alembic designs and produces annual reports for Asset Value Investors (AVI) specialist fund managers responsible for British Empire Securities and General Trust plc and European Asset Value Fund.  British Empire has a growing retail shareholder base, whilst the European Asset Value Fund annual report is aimed at a smaller specialist audience.

The annual report for British Empire Securities was awarded “Best Annual Report” by the AITC (Association of Investment Trust Companies) in the 2005 ‘Annual Investment Trusts: Best Information to Shareholders’ Awards. This was based on criteria of “clarity, quality and relevance of information”; “accessibility” and “effective use of design and graphics”.




Brentwood Diagnostic Centre

These printed communications were designed and produced for this chain of diagnostic clinics housing the very latest in high-end medical scanning technology. Brentwood Diagnostic Centre has MRI and CT scanning with digital X-ray services, supported by a staff of top clinical consultants and specialists who serve customers from NHS trusts and local GPs.

Communications in print support the brand identity which presents the organisation as clinically and technologically sophisticated, yet accessible and unintimidating, to professional and public audiences.

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CARMA International

Promotional literature for corporate market research specialists CARMA International, produced as part of an overall design programme to develop consistent application of a distinct visual language for the company.



CU in China

This corporate brochure was produced for Commercial Union’s early forays into the Chinese market. The cover featured an embossed traditional Chinese firemark and the dual language text pages were set in English and Mandarin.

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visualising First Islamic’s investments

Featuring original photography shot in Bahrain, London and the USA, this annual report designed and produced for First Islamic Investment Bank (now Arcapita) illustrates how they provide innovative opportunities for their investors.

Alembic’s brief was to communicate the bank’s partnerships with shareholders, investors, business associates, and management of acquired companies. The project involved the design and production of English and Arabic versions, coordination of original photography in the USA, UK and Bahrain, and print production in the UK.
 The report was placed first in a review of 2000 annual reports from GCC banks by Gulf Marketing Review, who praised its high quality imagery and “clear and reader-friendly” text.

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Hamilton marketing communications

In addition to developing the brand identity for Hamilton we have produced a full range of printed marketing communications for the company over many years including vehicles, signs, press advertising, stationery, promotional and product literature designed to communicate the quality of the company’s hand-built products and other items designed specifically to drive traffic to the website which we also designed.

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Heritage Lottery Fund annual reports

When the National Heritage Memorial Fund was charged with the responsibility of distributing Lottery funds via the newly established Heritage Lottery Fund, the opportunities for funding had to be communicated to government, opinion formers, local authorities, local charities and individuals alike in its first three annual reports.  Smaller user-friendly brochures (above, right) were also designed to generate enquiry from the public and local campaign groups.

Against a background of negative publicity and accusations of elitism it was essential to make clear the remit, values and achievements of the Heritage Lottery Fund.  In its first year there was the additional problem of demonstrating the Fund’s achievements with very few projects complete. Original photography by Homer Sykes brought the strategy of ‘accessibility for all’ and its work in progress vividly to life.

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MDI’s clinical image

Aimed at a specialist clinical audience rather than the general public, this marketing literature for Sevenoaks Diagnostic Centre had to be ready for the opening of the clinic. We worked around the practicalities of construction to create content, sourcing medical library imagery and commissioning original on-site photography. Alembic also created the brand identity for the clinic’s parent company MDI.

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communicating expertise

This marketing communication for a financial printer was designed with a select and very busy audience in mind: CEOs and Finance Directors of major Plc companies. The brochure had to make its point in seconds or be discarded, unread.

Dramatic still-life photography, striking colour and attention-grabbing headlines were combined with concise case studies highlighting the company’s problem-solving skills. This created a very direct communication conveying a sense of the company’s expertise from only the briefest of readings, with solid substantiation of the message on closer inspection.

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Regents Business School prospectus

Alembic was asked to audit and redeploy Regents Business School’s existing brand properties to reflect a more businesslike appearance and create a clear distinction from its parent institution, Regents College. As part of the overall design management project we were asked to overhaul the Prospectus, the school’s key marketing publication.

Working within significant budget limitations, we restructured the content, layout and typography and supervised production to create a crisp, accessible prestige document.

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Sports Orthopaedic Spinal

Attracting business from both NHS trusts and private customers, Sports Orthopaedics Spinal needs to be approachable and reassuringly professional. As well as design guidelines, stationery, advertising and other printed communications to support the brand identity, Alembic produced marketing literature in multiple formats featuring photographic imagery representing the clinic’s services to a broad audience.

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employee newsletter for Sony Europe

‘24/7′ is the house journal of Sony Europe produced in Berlin and printed in five language versions, distributed to employees in all their European offices. This design made use of illustration and photography and an updated typographical approach to provide a much more engaging read for the user.

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Sport England annual report

This annual report for Sport England was produced to a restricted budget and features two documents in a new landscape format containing 96 pages of reporting on the funding of sports development projects. Making this amount of hard information truly accessible – rather than just available – is the aim of our highly structured design.

Detailed national and regional statistics are mixed with easy-to-read summaries and strong imagery to illustrate the value of funding to individuals and local communities.  These documents had to be equally accessible to all audiences – from government, opinion-formers and media who might only require summary or general information, to individual local campaigners who will want precise figures for funding allocations and local/regional grants.  A focused approach on the information design aspects of this project created a highly effective communication.

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Villeroy & Boch

Alembic has for a number of years produced a wide range of brand communications for Franco-German ceramics manufacturers Villeroy & Boch, from brand development to promotional literature, point of sale materials and national press advertising.

Our print work for Villeroy & Boch includes many communications for tiles and bathroom products designed in original formats as well as other projects that have to work within global design standards established by the company’s Mettlach Head Office. Subtle adaptations within this framework ensure that these communications produced are appropriate and effective for the UK market.

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Virtuall: cost-effective information

Virtuall’s Update newsletter was a specific application arising from a design management review of the organisation’s communications and a low-cost publication designed to maintain regular contact with a diverse constituency.  Careful supplier choice and optimisation of stock and press sizes ensured that we were able to create a modest, economical and very effective communication.

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In-house and external specialist skills of design, typography, illustration and photography are managed to ensure the best possible outcome for your print project – whatever your budget.  We are happy to work with your existing print supplier or help find the best for your particular needs.This page shows just a few of the thousands of print projects that we have designed and produced for clients such as Asset Value Investors, Heritage Lottery Fund, Sport England and Villeroy & Boch.